Neely 2

Part Of The Front Cover Of The Neely 2 Album
Photo of me on the front cover of the Sam Neely 2 album


Lee Holdridge And Sam

In The Studio

Here I am with music arranger Lee Holdridge in Los Angeles.  Lee has worked with many artists such as John Denver, Neil Diamond, and many others.  Lee has also worked countless movie and TV scores.

In the photo at left, Lee and I are shown in the studio with the L.A. Symphony orchestra during the recording of Sam Neely 2.


Sam Neely 2 was a fun project.  It took a lot of very talented people to do the entire album. 

The basic tracks included the following musicians:

Sam Neely - Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Cole - Lead Guitar, Banjo, Electric Guitar
Wilton Felder - Bass Guitar
Gene Pello - Drums, percussion
Mike Gregory - Piano
Jim Horn - Flute
John Herron - Piano, Electric Keyboard
Tom Morgan - Harmonica

Musicians for the Basic Track For "Rosalie"

Sam Neely - Acoustic Guitar
Hal Blaine - Drums
Joe Osborne - Bass Guitar
Larry Carlton - Lead Guitar
Mike Gregory - Piano

Part Of The Back Cover Of The Neely 2 Album
The photograph of me on the back cover of the Sam Neely 2 album.


Part Of The Inside Cover Of The Neely 2 Album
Here's the photograph of me on the inside cover of the Sam Neely 2 album.

The Basic Arrangements for Neely 2: Rudy Durand
Strings and horns arranged and conducted by Lee Holdridge

Basic Track recorded at Devonshire Sound, Hollywood, California

Engineer: Armin Steiner

Mixing: Sound Lab

Engineer: Armin Steiner

Mastering: Mastering Lab, Hollywood, California

Photography: Ron Joy

Album Design: John Hoernie


Putting together an album involves a lot of people working together as a team.   I was fortunate to have a lot of top notch companies that helped me along before and after the album was released.
Public Relations: Gibson-Stromberg

Representation: Reznick & Bernstein, Beverly Hills, California

Of course there were those people that stood by me, and encouraged me:

A special thanks to Johnny Magnus

Grateful appreciation to : Jerry Cole, Gene Pello, Wilton Felder, Peggy Steiner, Iris Cline, Sandy Singer, Dr. Max Shapiro, Bruce Grakel, Sam Herro and Bill Hanna.

The executive producer was: Jim Benci


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