The Rose Window; San Jose Mission, San Antonio, Texas

The Villarreal Family

Lets begin the story of south Texas with a visit with one of the original families that was granted land from the King of Spain, the Villarreal's.  I found Danny Villarreal's web site while doing some research of the south Texas area, and he was kind enough to allow me access to images in his web site.

He traces his family roots from Spanish soldiers that landed in Mexico in 1521, to his present day family in south Texas.  The history of the Villareal Family is an excellent site to gain an understanding of how the south Texas area was settled.  He also provides links to other families.

The Villarreal Family Coat Of Arms

If you are into Texas/Mexican history and genealogy, then this is a perfect web site for you to begin and explore. 

Click on the Villarreal Family Coat Of Arms (above), or The Villarreal Home Page text in the navigation bar to visit Danny's web site.  You'll be glad that you did.






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